8 Git & GitHub Strategy

8.1 Our needs

Synchronizing the perpetual development and releases of many R packages is challenging; nevertheless, when they have a strict hierarchical dependency architecture. Fully embracing Git best practices is crucial to our well being (i.e., crucial to project longevity).

8.2 Our Git strategy

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Having a clear, robust, consistent, and well-documented branching strategy is the key. We are more or less following the Gitflow Workflow:

From: https://www.atlassian.com/git/tutorials/comparing-workflows/gitflow-workflow

8.2.1 master & dev

Develop and Master Branches

8.2.2 Feature branches: pros & cons

Feature Branches

8.2.3 Multi-packages release: bdverse is the key

Release Branches

8.3 Adjustments to working with GitHub

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The Github Flow is somewhat different…

8.3.1 master is the defult branch, why?

8.4 Versioning

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Semantic Versioning