What is the bdverse

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The bdverse is a family of R packages for biodiversity data. We build it to serve as a sustainable and agile infrastructure that enhances the value of biodiversity data by allowing users to conveniently employ R, for data exploration, quality assessment, data cleaning, and standardization. The bdverse supports users with and without programming capabilities.

  • bdDwC provides an interactive Shiny app and a set of functions for standardizing field names in compliance with Darwin Core (DwC) format, see bdDwC section.

  • bdchecks is an infrastructure for performing, filtering, creating and managing various biodiversity data checks, see bdchecks section.

  • bdclean is a user-friendly data cleaning Shiny app for the inexperienced R user. It provides features to manage complete workflows for biodiversity data cleaning, from collecting user input in order to adjust cleaning procedures to generating various reports and versions of the data, see bdclean section.

We hope that you’ll find the guide useful and clear, and welcome your suggestions in the issue tracker of the user guide.


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